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This webpage showcases a wide range of remarkable research outcomes by researchers in the Arts and Humanities fields at Hiroshima University. We hope these summaries of our faculty members’ results will trigger an interest in their academic accomplishments.

New Evidence Overturning the Four-Class System Theory of the Yuan Dynasty

Associate Professor Yoshiyuki Funada at the Department of History, Graduate School of Letters and School of Letters, is researching the rule of the Mongol Empire and multiethnic and multilingual societies. Specifically, he has examined ???

What is "rika" (school science), and why do students study it?
What is "rika" (school science), and why do students study it?

The Department of Science Education Library at the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University, stores a very large number of Japanese and foreign-language books, periodicals, and documents mainly on science education but also other fields of education, collected by professors over the years. The collection includes ???

What our songs should be: An academic perspective of music in modern Japan

The period from the late 19th century to the 20th century was a turbulent era that saw a push for modernization in Japan. The nation’s traditional folk musical culture also underwent major changes brought about by the state-level policy, and the acceptance of Western music was rapidly advanced in the name of promoting???

Tohoku: Japan’s Constructed Outland

On March 11, 2011, the Tohoku region in Japan was struck by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, which was followed by a powerful tsunami that completely wiped out the Pacific Ocean coastal area near the epicenter. Professor Kawanishi considers that this earthquake could be a turning point for not only the Tohoku region but also for historical study. ???

Medical practices and family’s consent

In a rapid-aging society, we will be required to decide whether or not to receive medical treatments for life prolongation. This decision also includes ???

Lost and found in translation

The first encounter of European people with Greek science was through Arabic translation. For one science textbook written in Arabic ???

Exploring the mind of Chaucer through linguistics

In the late fourteenth century, poets were transitioning between two forms of verb production. Geoffrey Chaucer, perhaps best recognized for The Canterbury Tales, was known for using both. Hideshi Ohno researches how each verb was used,???

Hidden history, the voices behind the archives: The case of a 19th-century Japanese scholar working in Hiroshima

When tracing history, it is vital to study not only published books from a given period, but also the diaries and letters of people living at the time. Consequently, we can then deduce the personality and thoughts of those ???

New methods of statistical analyses for solving social issues

‘Big Data’ is collected and accumulated in various situations by businesses and economists and used to conduct high-level analyses. This paper looks at how this Big Data is analyzed so it can be used for macroeconomic???

The myth of a ‘profitable’ maritime war: Historical connections between maritime violence and economic advantage in early modern

Britain, during the early modern period, managed to project its sea power, initially throughout the Atlantic, and later, to the far corners of the globe. What prompted this small island nation to employ maritime warfare???

What is soccer? ― Revealing the nature of the game through philosophical perspectives

In 2005, the Japan Football Association announced “JFA declaration 2005”, in which they announced their goal to host the FIFA World Cup in Japan by 2050???

Investigating the Mind through Language

When translating Japanese into other languages, we mainly focus on grammar and vocabulary.  So does a computer.  However, Professor Machida considers that our increased use of AI technology???

Japanese ancient burial mound developed in Hiroshima

Graves dating from ancient times often take the form of mounds of earth and stones, commonly called burial mounds. One of the typical types of burial mound found in Japan comprise of ???

Chinese poetry depicted once upon a time in Tokyo

A century ago, a Chinese student published a series of Chinese classical poems Dongjing Zashishi in Japan ???

Road to Somewhere: Silk Road artifacts reveal changing Chinese attitudes to afterlife

Dunhuang, an oasis town in Western China - located along the Silk Road, has supported peoples livelihoods since ancient times. Excavated artifacts from ???

Well-being comes through mindfulness

Do you hear the term “mindfulness” often? Mindfulness meditation has been recognized as an effective method ???

Cross-border Filipino Children

Currently, an increasingly number of children and youth experience transnational migration during their school-aged years. The Philippines has sent a sizable number of transnational migrants. Drawing on ???

Monsoon Winds Brought Tantric Buddhism from India to Japan

The Tantric Buddhist Indian priest, Vajraboddhi, is depicted in a painting on the wall of the first floor of Toji Temple Five-Story Pagoda in Kyoto, Japan. Scholars of have ???

The 16th Century Silver Rush in East Asia

In the 16th century, silver interlocked Japan’s civil wars among the warriors clans with the globally surging waves of the Age of Exploration. The history book by Dr. Hiroyuki Honda ???

Finding a new world in modern theatrical adaptations of classic Japanese novels

Yukio Mishima was a novelist and playwright at the forefront of literature in postwar Japan and his work has received international acclaim. Professor Arimoto ???

Can anyone understand Japanese-accented English?

As the world is being globalized, English is used in intercultural communication as a common language among people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Some of ???

The Social Network of Wild Boar Hunters

Wild boar hunting rapidly spread across Japan during the second half of the twentieth century. The social networks that ???


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